Monday, February 5, 2018

Preventing QA spill overs per sprint

End of sprint QA leakage 

  • Tickets finished by devs -> kick in the gear and finish a story 

QA team

  • Specialists 
  • Regression pass 



Automation + validation often get missed after the story completion.


What folks at NIKE are doing?

Teams don't divide into dev and QA 

QA / QE became devs and devs became QA / QE - complete ownership

Each ticket is reviewed by 2 other team members - code review?

Not all stories go through regression testing


Issues with combining roles:

  • Price of labor for SDETs is low
  • Maintaining Specialty


Preventing QA spillover?

  • Mini - deadlines within the sprint 
  • Represents bad estimations 
  • Consumer software works differently can combine goals 
  • Bug fixes:
    • Is the bug blocking acceptance testing? No? - User story
    • Is the bug blocking a production release? No? - User story
    • Is it an actual bug? - fix during the sprint
  • Making sure any acceptance criteria is testable - Product Owner 
  • Every test scenario is identified. 
  • Put the QA in front, help the product owner write better test criteria 
  • Cohesive story 
  • Lumpers and splitters - strike a balance to create a story size. 
  • Thin slice that has value delivered during the sprint.




Sushant Khurana

Technical Product Manager

Expedia Inc.


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