Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Session Notes: I am an IT Manager, and know nothing about IT

Permanent Skills - this is the new title for "soft skills"

Be authentic, and present with your people. You don't need technical skills to do this, or build this with your people. Stronger relationships are more powerful for growth, then micro managing it being in the development weeds, telling people what to do.

Decide what your culture is. Meaning what are you wanting to deliver when you deliver... people, what do you want to emulate, stuff and things, what???

When leading people (not managing) be Authentic. Be present when you are with people, if you can't find an aid to make you focus on how they are the most important person in the room.

Provide an environment the really is safe. Have them define safe and hold yourself to their definition. So when they fail, and are authentic, and honest...there is NO judgement.

Be Real with people. They know what fake is. If you fake it, you loose trust.

There is NO one expert, we together are experts.

Accolades Board...instead of celebrating projects, celebrate people, and do it everyday. Encourage your team to encourage themselves and their peers. Give thanks back everyday.

I have found by treating people like humans, you don't need to know technology. That is what they are for, but most of all VALUED for it as a human being, not a robot developer in front of a computer screen.


Ed Praudins
IT Manager
Costco Wholesale

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