Monday, February 5, 2018

Being Agile but Pretending to do Waterfall

This session was born from a real-life predicament of someone I know. OK, it is me.

The situation: two years of solid progress using the Agile approach (mostly Scrum, but some Kanban) with teams feeling pretty empowered, when WHAM! -- new senior leadership is asking for detailed design documents, full-on test plans, and (gasp!) date-driven milestones. 

Am I doomed?

Maybe not, according to the wise folks in this session, but then again, um, maybe.

Here are the flip-boards from our lively conversation:

The upshot -- as long as the teams have the same composition, there should be some ways to convert the Agile artifacts into documents that satisfy the essence of what management really wanted the Waterfall stuff for. If teams are split up into specialized groups, however, I'm pretty well screwed.

Thanks, everyone!

-- David Snook

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