Tuesday, February 6, 2018

The Lively Art of Managing Agility Leaders

Managing Agility Leaders
  • What does it mean to manage Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches?
  • What does this Manager do?
  • What are you looking for in a Manager?
What do you want from a Manager?
  • Be consistent: Apply Agility to Management
  • Training, fundamental needs (desk)
  • Set guiding principles and expectations
  • Let me do what I need to do
  • Ask questions from a place o curiosity
    • Avoid things that sound like mind guys
  • "Ask a Manager" blog
  • Professional Development
  • Know when to listen and when to act
    • "Would you like my help with this?"
Navigating the system
  • Perspective taking
    • Ego development theory: 1st, 2nd, 3rd-person perspective
  • Ladder of inference
  • Develop system thinking ability
  • Applying Agility throughout the organization
  • Apply Agility to the work of management
  • Establish working agreements
  • Understand where people are today and where they want to be tomorrow
Alternatively...No Manager
  • Divide responsibilities among multiple people: Hiring, coaching leaders
  • Healthy support/peer mentoring network
    • Community of Practice
    • "Field trip" to observe other Teams and "steal ideas"
  • Full-team coaching
How to navigate "20th century" management expectations?
  • Hiring
  • Performance Reviews
  • Professional Development
  • Apply Agile principles and tools
    • Pairing
    • Delegation: Having the team own the work
    • Visibility
    • Gather requirements: What does success look like?
    • Rapid feedback
Working yourself out of a job?
  • Never have to make a decision
    • The system allows the right decisions to be made
  • Culture of individual power and ownership
  • Help people help themselves
  • Be assertive about doing what I want to do
  • "The 5 Levels of Leadership"
  • People are connected to outside coaching networks

David Whitlock
Adjunct Lecturer
Portland State University
David Whitlock
Adjunct Lecturer
Portland State University

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