Tuesday, February 6, 2018


Facilitated by Violet Nazari PDF of slides here.

  • What is it?  How to implement it?
  • Beyond Diversity and Inclusion
  • Show up and disrupt
  • Non-dominant people are often not comfortable
    • In a news article, they are described by their descriptions ("black man")
  • The intersection of race and gender
  • Only 4 law cases (ever!) have acknowledge intersectionality
  • Fact: Me Too Movement was founded in 2007 by a black woman
  • Get to know the people in your life who you don't see
    • Who empties your office trash can?
  • Brown vs. Board of Education: No more "separate, but equal"
  • Look deeper (and get uncomfortable) before suggesting "solutions"
  • Experimentation and evolution via user-centered design
    • Who did you involve with the design discussion?
  • Be brave enough to say something stupid (ignorant) and brave enough to listen to the people telling you you're stupid
    • Be honest about what's in your head
  • Implicit bias as an excuse
  • Check yourself.  Educate yourself.  Show up.  Do the work.
  • TED talk by Professor Crenshaw.
  • "Freedom is a constant struggle" by Angela Davis
  • Google: Letter from Latina Farm workers to Hollywood

David Whitlock
Adjunct Lecturer
Portland State University

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