Friday, February 9, 2018

Session Name: Product Owner and Manager, How to lead people not manger them


Through downward delegation can you form leadership skills and technics in people to help develop themselves naturally. How you sell this method to upper management is to continuously get agreement to have employees assume more manager roles. Show them the need to delegate and show them the quantifiable results they can produce. Therefor allowing you as the manager to focus less on projects, and process improvements and more on being a career engineer. 

If anyone has additional questions please reach out and I am more than happy to put a call together to share more concepts.

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Edward Praudins
Manager | Services Engineering & Development
Information Technology | Costco Wholesale  
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Let's Get Physical - Day 2 @ 8am

Informal discussion about how the space where the team works affects how they work, and the quality of interactions they have.

Some questions we considered:

  • What makes for a good workspace?
  • What makes for a bad workspace?
  • How does the workspace affect interactions?
  • What have you done to create a better space?